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Don't Call Me Shirley
A Slightly Serious Exploration of Everything

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Stephen Creagh

A former radio announcer for B105 & MMM in Brisbane, and a breakfast show host & Music Director for the Sea FM network, Stephen has a proper day job, but his real passion is hosting and producing podcasts. Whether it's highly sophisticated banter with friends and guests or trivia contests for the whole family - rivers of entertainment gold await those who could be bothered listening.
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Anthony Watson

After many decades in the corporate world, Watto saw the light and moved to the beach to run a small business, learn to surf and spend more time laughing with family & friends. He's still waiting for that big break, but is pretty happy hosting events, interviewing famous people and spruiking his wares on this magnificent weekly podcast.
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Justine Lowrance

When Justine arrived on this earth, her parents realised they had created the perfect child and needed no more. That’s one version. The other is they were so blindsided by this scallywag they could not fathom having more.
Juzzy has never really left the 80s, working as a journalist and entertainment reporter for classic hits/golden oldies radio stations. She still believes her real dad is Billy Joel. According to Crazy, joining him and Watto on the DCMS podcast is her greatest achievement, outside her two beautiful children.
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Dan Petrie

Dan Petrie is a data journalist who has worked previously at Macquarie, Bloomberg LP and has recently joined News Limited to help with the dark arts of data science. Dan has lived in London, Hong Kong, Sydney and is now residing with his wife and two children in Brisbane's leafy western suburbs. You can call me Dan but don't call me Shirley!